Mies Bookshelf

From Werner Blaser's book Mies van der Rohe, The Art of Structure.

"The complete contents of Mies' library have been excellently catalogued by Richard Seidel. These books are in the custody of the Department of Special Collections, the Library, University of Illinois at Chicago Circle. In 1975, at my request, members of Mies' family, and a close friend (with whom he often read) identified the following titles as the ones most important to Mies. In 1952, Mies told students at the School of Design of the North Carolina State College that he owned 3,000 books in Germany and that he had brought 300 with him to America. Of these he could have sent back 270. He would not, he said, have discovered the remaining thirty unless he had read the 3,000. It is in this light that this list of some of his books (collection in the possession of the family) should be considered."