MR Chair

 1931 - 1931

The Story

Marcel Breuer, Mies' peer at the Bauhaus, constructed the first tubular chair in 1925. It became known as the "Wassily," for another Bauhaus member, Wassily Kandinsky, and marked a shift in modern furniture design. Soon after, Mies created the MR Chair. By reducing the chair to its main parts and reconfiguring their relation to each other—clearly delineating the leather seat and back supports from the metal frame—he arrived at a fluid, refined cantilever form.

When it debuted, the chair was both lauded for its aesthetic accomplishments and laughed at for its aeronautical tendencies: the chair would propel the sitter forward should he try to stand up. This has since been fixed.

The MR Chair is available as a side chair, an armchair, chaise lounge and adjustable chaise lounge.