Neue Nationalgalerie

 1968 - 1968

The Story

The National Gallery is located on a sloping site along the north bank of the Landwehr Canal in Berlin, Germany. The second and final museum of Mies' career (the first being Houston's Museum of Fine Arts), the Gallery was his only commission from the government of West Germany. This provided him with an occasion to return to the city where he begun his architectural practice.

It was completed one year before Mies' death. To all appearances, he saw it as the final major effort of his life, and his opportunity to create a truly large universal space (which he had dreamed of in his unbuilt design for the Chicago Convention Center). The site was on a grade, so Mies placed smaller galleries, office and storage spaces, and the Museum's sculpture garden on the lower level. This formed a base for the major exhibition hall on top, and also made it so that the garden is sloped.